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the region of maximum amplitude between two adjacent in a standing wave.
Historical Examples

The open air column therefore extends from antinode to antinode (or from 1-3) or is one-half a wave length.
Physics Willis Eugene Tower

The distance from an antinode to a node is that from 1-2 on the curve and is one-fourth a wave length.
Physics Willis Eugene Tower

Now in the open organ pipe (Fig. 341d), the end of the air column d is a place of great vibration or is an antinode.
Physics Willis Eugene Tower

Inconsistent hyphenation of word, ‘anti-node’ and ‘antinode’ both present in original text.
Hertzian Wave Wireless Telegraphy John Ambrose Fleming

(physics) a point at which the amplitude of one of the two kinds of displacement in a standing wave has maximum value. Generally the other kind of displacement has its minimum value at this point See also standing wave Compare node

1872, from anti- + node.
In a standing wave, the region or point of maximum amplitude between two adjacent nodes. Compare node.


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