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acting against inflammation or fever.
an antiphlogistic agent.
Historical Examples

The antiphlogistic method, in the strict application of the term, is practically obsolete.
A System of Practical Medicine By American Authors, Vol. II Various

Mrs. Dodd smiled, and proceeded to Hyperaemia, and thence to the antiphlogistic Regimen.
Hard Cash Charles Reade

Bleeding, pectorals with volatiles, and antiphlogistic diluters and blistering, were the most successful.
A History of Epidemics in Britain, Volume II (of 2) Charles Creighton

A tendency to this may also be overcome by the use of sedatives and antiphlogistic remedies.
Special Report on Diseases of the Horse United States Department of Agriculture

Associated words: phlogistic, phlogogenous, antiphlogistic, demulcent delitescence.
Putnam’s Word Book Louis A. Flemming

All antiphlogistic means have failed, such as blood-letting and the free use of evacuants.
Cattle and Their Diseases Robert Jennings

It thus interferes with the inflammatory process, and acts as a general antiphlogistic.
The Action of Medicines in the System Frederick William Headland

These actions are antiphlogistic and hyperemic, and these in turn may be either antiseptic or astringent.
Surgery, with Special Reference to Podiatry Maximilian Stern

Distemper has been hitherto regarded as an inflammatory disorder, which was to be conquered only by antiphlogistic remedies.
The Dog Dinks, Mayhew, and Hutchinson

The antiphlogistic theory was soon adopted by all French chemists of note.
Heroes of Science M. M. Pattison Muir

(obsolete) of or relating to the prevention or alleviation of inflammation
an antiphlogistic agent or drug

antiphlogistic an·ti·phlo·gis·tic (ān’tē-flə-jĭs’tĭk, ān’tī-)
Reducing inflammation or fever; anti-inflammatory.


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