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a containing antibodies, as antitoxins or agglutinins, obtained by inoculation of animals and used for injection into other animals to provide immunity to a specific disease.
Historical Examples

In every series of tests the amount of antiserum was held constant and the amount of antigen was varied.
Myology and Serology of the Avian Family Fringillidae William B. Stallcup

The antiserum used for the precipitin reaction was obtained by treating a rabbit with human blood serum.
The Organism as a Whole Jacques Loeb

The Libby Photronreflectometer was used to measure the turbidities developed by the interaction of antigen and antiserum.
Myology and Serology of the Avian Family Fringillidae William B. Stallcup

More than two series, however, resulted in little or no improvement of the reactivity of the antiserum.
Myology and Serology of the Avian Family Fringillidae William B. Stallcup

noun (pl) -rums, -ra (-rə)
blood serum containing antibodies against a specific antigen, used to treat or provide immunity to a disease

antiserum an·ti·se·rum (ān’tĭ-sēr’əm)
A serum containing antibodies that are specific for one or more antigens. Also called immune serum.
Plural antiserums or antisera
Human or animal serum containing one or more antibodies that are specific for one or more antigens and are administered to confer immunity. The antibodies in an antiserum result from previous immunization or exposure to an agent of disease. See also acquired immunity.


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