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444?–365? b.c, Greek philosopher: founder of the Cynic school.
Historical Examples

Hence we see that the difficulty started by Antisthenes and others equally unschooled (ἀπαίδευτοι) is not without pertinence.
Aristotle George Grote

From Antisthenes came the Cynics; from Aristippus the philosophers of pleasure.
Initiation into Philosophy Emile Faguet

The ugly and ill-shapen Crates of Thebes was one of the successors of Antisthenes.
Greek Women Mitchell Carroll

(exclaimed Antisthenes, and as he spoke he eyed the witness with an air of triumph).
The Symposium Xenophon

Antisthenes took up Ethics principally, but with negative Logic intermingled.
Plato and the Other Companions of Sokrates, 3rd ed. Volume I (of 4) George Grote

I am afraid your wealth and his (Antisthenes’) combined may overpower me.
The Symposium Xenophon

The necessity of discussing the histories of Zeno and Antisthenes.
The Histories of Polybius, Vol. II (of 2) Polybius

But how is it that you alone, Antisthenes, you misanthrope, love nobody?
The Symposium Xenophon

Distinction ascribed to Antisthenes between simple and complex objects.
Plato and the Other Companions of Sokrates, 3rd ed. Volume I (of 4) George Grote

Now this is surely not likely to have been affirmed about Antisthenes.
Plato and the Other Companions of Sokrates, 3rd ed. Volume III (of 4) George Grote

?445–365 bc, Greek philosopher, founder of the Cynic school, who taught that the only good was virtue, won by self-control and independence from worldly needs


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