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designed for use against or other armored vehicles:
antitank gun.
Contemporary Examples

One of the five men held a powerful East German antitank weapon.
‘The Accidental Terrorist’: a California Accountant’s Coup Adam Piore May 1, 2012

Six of the seven people killed were traveling in a car when it was hit by an antitank missile.
Sinai Harbors Terrorists Preying on Israel Dan Ephron August 17, 2011

The heaviest weapons, such as antiaircraft and antitank missiles, came from around the capital itself.
Libya’s Weapons Problem Igor Kossov September 5, 2011

Syria has long supplied Hezbollah with other weapons, including missiles and antitank rockets.
Did Israeli Strike Target Syrian Chemical Weapons? Dan Ephron January 29, 2013

Historical Examples

Heavy smoke screens hid the moving forts from the German antitank guns.
The Story of the Great War, Volume VII (of VIII) Various

designed to immobilize or destroy armoured vehicles: antitank weapons, ATK


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