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[Italian mee-kel-ahn-je-law;; English mahy-kuh lan-juh-loh,, mik-uh l-] /Italian ˌmi kɛlˈɑn dʒɛ lɔ;; English ˌmaɪˈkəlæn dʒəˌloʊ,, ˌmɪk əl-/ (Show IPA), 1912–2007, Italian film director.
Michelangelo (mikeˈlandʒelo). 1912–2007, Italian film director; his films include L’Avventura (1959), La Notte (1961), Blow-Up (1966), Zabriskie Point (1970), Beyond the Clouds (1995), and Just To Be Together (2002)


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