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Any day

No particular time, as in It doesn’t matter when; any day is fine with me.
Also, any day now. Quite soon, as in I might get a call any day, or There could be a snowstorm any day now.
Also, any day of the week. Every day, as in I could eat fresh corn any day of the week. All three senses employ any in the sense of “no matter which,” a usage dating from a.d. 1000.


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  • Any key

    any key humour, hardware The key that particularly confused users look for on their computer keyboards when instructed to “Press any key to continue”. “But my keyboard doesn’t have a key labelled ‘any’!”. Compaq FAQ (http://web14.compaq.com/falco/detail.asp?FAQnum=FAQ2859). (2003-09-30)

  • Any longer

    With added length, as in If this skirt were any longer it would sweep the floor. Still, any more, as in They don’t make this model any longer . This negative form is often put as no longer

  • Any more

    any longer. nowadays; presently. adverb any longer; still; now or from now on; nowadays: he does not work here any more adv. one-word form by 1865, from any + more.

  • Any number of

    Many; also, no particular amount of. The meaning here depends on the context. I can give you any number of reasons for John’s absence means I can offer many reasons. Any number of subscribers might stay home means that an unknown number will not attend.

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