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Apartment house

a building containing a number of residential apartments.
Contemporary Examples

Furry, turning right, walks past the faded, green-glowing bay windows of an apartment house to the corner.
Stanley Booth on the Life and Hard Times of Blues Genius Furry Lewis Stanley Booth June 6, 2014

Many became convinced that he was at the apartment house to see a woman, although this was never proved or even substantiated.
Up From History, Part 4 David Frum February 3, 2013

I remember climbing their apartment house stairs with an overly friendly smile on my face.
The Cost: What Stop and Frisk Does to a Young Man’s Soul Rilla Askew May 20, 2014

When he dropped me off at my apartment house, I managed to escape with a kiss.
A Writer’s Secret Life, Part II Susan Cheever October 8, 2008

Historical Examples

The taxicab was drawing up before an apartment house entrance.
The Day of Days Louis Joseph Vance

The corridors of the apartment house were long, narrow, and white-walled.
Gigolo Edna Ferber

There is no apartment house superintendent to call on, no repairman just around the corner.
If You’re Going to Live in the Country Thomas H. Ormsbee and Richmond Huntley

The old janitor was sweeping off the walk in front of the apartment house.
The Brand of Silence Harrington Strong

There is a pretty house looking like a hotel, an apartment house,—very moderate since it only accommodates three families.
A Little Girl of Long Ago Amanda Millie Douglas

She came to the middle of the block and ran up the steps of an apartment house.
The Brand of Silence Harrington Strong


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