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noun acronym
Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation
(in Canada) Atlantic Provinces Economic Council
Contemporary Examples

Even Xi chimed in on the debate the other day by saying that the blue in ‘apec blue’ should remain permanent.
Obama and Xi Jinping Say They’ll Work Together to Save Environment Ben Leung November 11, 2014

Not to be forgotten, Tokyo will host the annual apec meeting.
Obama’s Next Headache Leslie H. Gelb November 2, 2010

However, one thing is clear at apec this year: nobody is having a good time.
Beijing’s ‘Star Trek’ APEC Summit Jake Adelstein November 10, 2014

Watch live video of her keynote speech at the apec Women and the Economy Summit.
Clinton Stumps for Women Economic Leaders The Daily Beast Video September 15, 2011

apec says that the health sector is the largest of its 21-nation Pacific Rim economy.
Clinton: Women Can Rescue the Economy September 15, 2011

This year apec seemed to stand for: Asian People Exasperated with China.
Beijing’s ‘Star Trek’ APEC Summit Jake Adelstein November 10, 2014

Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation


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