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Aberdeen Proving Grounds
ambulatory patient group
Historical Examples

The night was black, the mud a foot deep, and apg 269 stream ran across the road.
The Luck of Thirteen Jan Gordon

In a short while he wandered back saying that he had got apg 247 waiter.
The Luck of Thirteen Jan Gordon

For, though they may have other ostensible avocations, these last are reduced to apg 272 secondary consideration.
Life of Lord Byron, Vol. II Thomas Moore

It is apg 71 curious instance of the elucidation of facts in court.
The Book of Three Hundred Anecdotes Various

There were other Albanians and apg 362 very old Montenegrin soldier.
The Luck of Thirteen Jan Gordon

Assuredly, in the case of every theory, as distinguished from a demonstration, there must always be apg.
The Scientific Evidences of Organic Evolution George John Romanes

For apg 199 quarter of an hour he would pray with and talk to the men, and then ride to another service at some further post.
From Aldershot to Pretoria W. E. Sellers

At dawn the next day she strays far out to apg 156 forest, where she finds a hermit.
Frdric Mistral Charles Alfred Downer

They were apg 76 cheery, pretty set, and we asked them where they were going.
The Luck of Thirteen Jan Gordon

A moment passed, and then the silence was broken by apg 134 crash of a volley.
In the Shadow of Death P. H. Kritzinger and R. D. McDonald


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