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Historical Examples

The conviction respecting the character of the times expressed in the comment on aph.
Letters of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Vol. II (of 2) Samuel Taylor Coleridge

American Printing House [for the Blind]


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    apha American Pharmaceutical Association American Public Health Association

  • Aphakia

    lack or loss of the lens of the eye. Historical Examples An eye without a lens (aphakia) will not work with an eye with a lens even if the former be corrected with glasses. A System of Operative Surgery, Volume IV (of 4) Various noun absence of the lens of an eye, congenital or otherwise […]

  • Aphaeresis

    . noun a variant spelling of apheresis

  • Aphagia

    difficulty or pain in swallowing. noun (pathol) refusal or inability to swallow aphagia a·pha·gi·a (ə-fā’jē-ə, -jə) n. See dysphagia.

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