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Also, A.P.I. American Petroleum Institute.
Computers. application programming (or program) interface: a set of protocols used by programmers to create applications for a specific operating system or to interface between the different modules of an application.
Contemporary Examples

The API is a serious document that has been undeservedly dismissed by the Israeli government time and time again.
Why Bibi Won’t Really ‘Give Peace A Chance’ Elisheva Goldberg June 4, 2013

How many of the decision makers in Israel can confidently respond to the nuances of API?
The Arab Peace Initiative Makes Its Way to the Knesset Tal Harris May 19, 2013

That line, which refers indirectly to the API, does not even pretend to take it seriously.
Why Bibi Won’t Really ‘Give Peace A Chance’ Elisheva Goldberg June 4, 2013

Six years later, contrary to the fears of many who deal with the conflict, the API is still on the table.
The Arab Peace Initiative Makes Its Way to the Knesset Tal Harris May 19, 2013

For those with coding experience, you might also consider whether the data is available through an API.
Self-Tracking for N00bz Jamie Todd Rubin July 23, 2014

Historical Examples

The tree has much similarity to the API in its growth, and is a good bearer.
British Pomology Robert Hogg

The habit of the tree is similar to that of the API, but it is rather a larger grower.
British Pomology Robert Hogg

A dessert apple, inferior to the API, and cultivated merely for curiosity.
British Pomology Robert Hogg

Suitable either for the dessert, or for culinary purposes; it is inferior to the API and not a first-rate apple.
British Pomology Robert Hogg

Fruit, small, but a little larger and somewhat flatter than the API, to which it bears a close resemblance.
British Pomology Robert Hogg

application programming interface

Application Program Interface
antecedent precipitation index
application program interface
Asian and Pacific Islander


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