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a seaport in and the capital of Western Samoa, on N Upolu.
an island in Western Samoa, in the S Pacific: the home of Robert Louis Stevenson for the last five years of his life. 430 sq. mi. (1113 sq. km).
Capital: Apia.
an independent country comprising the W part of Samoa: formerly a trust territory of New Zealand. 1133 sq. mi. (2935 sq. km).
Capital: Apia.
Historical Examples

I was going to send in my papers, and come back to Apia, and marry her as Englishmen are married.
Mrs. Falchion, Complete Gilbert Parker

The general verdict of Apia was that he was “very superior.”
Wild Justice: Stories of the South Seas Lloyd Osbourne

“I was just saying there was no chance of your getting over to Apia for at least another week,” said the trader glibly.
The Trembling of a Leaf William Somerset Maugham

Four of them lived far from Apia, and were therefore unavailable.
Wild Justice: Stories of the South Seas Lloyd Osbourne

On Wednesday the Spinsters of Apia gave a ball to a select crowd.
Vailima Letters Robert Louis Stevenson

A few days after this Meredith returned from a visit to Apia.
The Call Of The South Louis Becke

There were many entertainments given by diplomats and officials in Apia.
The Life of Mrs. Robert Louis Stevenson Nellie van De Grift Sanchez

A week or so after, Etheridge and the two sisters went up to Apia.
The Ebbing Of The Tide Louis Becke

After reading the letters that awaited us in Apia, we looked over the newspapers.
Lay Morals Robert Louis Stevenson

They set out together, and at Apia gained all the information they desired.
John Frewen, South Sea Whaler Louis Becke

the capital of (Western) Samoa: a port on the N coast of Upolu. Pop: 41 000 (2005 est)
an island in the SW central Pacific, in Samoa. Chief town: Apia. Pop: 134 400 (2001). Area: 1114 sq km (430 sq miles)
See Samoa (sense 1)


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