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a place in which a colony or colonies of bees are kept, as a stand or shed for beehives or a bee house containing a number of beehives.
Contemporary Examples

He came to the Waldorf two years ago from a hotel in Toronto, where he ran a similar rooftop garden and apiary.
Honey Harvest at the Waldorf Astoria’s Beehives Josh Dzieza August 2, 2013

Historical Examples

It could, however, be recommended as an integral part of a windbreak, or woodlot where the land owner has an apiary.
Trees of Indiana Charles Clemon Deam

Proper condition of an apiary at close of honey season, 321.
Langstroth on the Hive and the Honey-Bee L. L. Langstroth

There is nothing about the apiary more difficult to determine, nothing more likely than to be deceived.
Mysteries of Bee-keeping Explained M. Quinby

In the apiary of one of his parishioners, five swarms lit in one mass.
Langstroth on the Hive and the Honey-Bee L. L. Langstroth

The señora, guided by a quicker sense than that of her husband, had gone straight to the apiary.
The Ape, the Idiot & Other People W. C. Morrow

Never did apiary have a finer outlook or more rugged surroundings.
Expository Writing Mervin James Curl

This they remember, and retaliate, as occasion offers; and it may be when quietly walking in the apiary.
Mysteries of Bee-keeping Explained M. Quinby

Before you get the first colony decide where your apiary is to be located.
The Library of Work and Play: Outdoor Work Mary Rogers Miller

I have not yet forgotten the first apiary I saw, where I learned to love the bees.
The Life of the Bee Maurice Maeterlinck

noun (pl) -aries
a place where bees are kept, usually in beehives

1650s, from Latin apiarium “beehouse, beehive,” neuter of apiarius “of bees,” from apis “bee,” a mystery word unrelated to any similar words in other Indo-European languages. A borrowing from Semitic has been proposed.


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