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  • Apodema

    . Historical Examples apodema: a conspicuous transverse band crossing the thorax in front of the scutellum in male Coccidae. Explanation of Terms Used in Entomology John. B. Smith

  • Apodeme

    a ridgelike ingrowth of the exoskeleton of an arthropod that supports the internal organs and provides the attachment points for the muscles. Historical Examples The apodeme, of course, is moulted with the integuments of the mouth. A Monograph on the Sub-class Cirripedia (Volume 1 of 2) Charles Darwin Endosternite: that part of the apodeme arising […]

  • Apodia

    apodia apodia a·po·di·a (ā-pō’dē-ə, ə-pō’-) or ap·o·dy (āp’ə-dē) n. Congenital absence of feet.

  • Apodictically

    incontestable because of having been demonstrated or proved to be demonstrable. Logic. (of a proposition) necessarily true or logically certain. Historical Examples To pass universal objective judgments, and to do so apodictically, reason must be free from subjective grounds of determination. A Commentary to Kant’s ‘Critique of Pure Reason’ Norman Kemp Smith Thus the principle […]

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