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the clause expressing the consequence in a conditional sentence, often beginning with then, as “then I will” in “If you go, then I will.”.
Compare (def 1).
Historical Examples

The apodosis (qu’est-ce que je ferais) is omitted and only the protasis is expressed.
Contes Franais Douglas Labaree Buffum

The apodosis of an implied condition: ‘If you prayed for me, the fire would rise’.
The Last Poems of Ovid Ovid

The Subjunctive in the apodosis of conditional sentences of this type is of the Potential variety.
New Latin Grammar Charles E. Bennett

Here we regularly have the Indicative in both Protasis and apodosis.
New Latin Grammar Charles E. Bennett

noun (pl) -ses (-ˌsiːz)
(logic, grammar) the consequent of a conditional statement, as the game will be cancelled in if it rains the game will be cancelled Compare protasis


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