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a name, title, or designation.
(def 1).
the act of naming.
Contemporary Examples

In the U.S. the equivalent of an appellation is called an American Viticultural Area.
Napa’s Earthquake Is Not The Only Thing Shaking The Vineyards Clive Irving August 30, 2014

For example, he eagerly accepted the title “The Imam,” an appellation reserved solely for the Mahdi when he returns to earth.
Iran’s Supreme Revolutionary Reza Aslan June 21, 2009

Name Synonyms;
reputation, title, appellation, denomination, repute.
Rogue L.A. Cop’s Facebook Manifesto: ‘You Will Now Live the Life of Prey’ The Daily Beast February 7, 2013

I will not recruit others to that evil cause by using that appellation—unless it is well-deserved.
Seeking A Realistic Mature Discussion About “Settlements” Gil Troy February 6, 2013

They loved to derisively call him the “genius,” as if it were an appellation that La Russa had given himself.
The Strange Genius of Tony La Russa Buzz Bissinger October 31, 2011

Historical Examples

He had received the appellation of Firme F, was revered as a saint, and people ascribed marvellous healing power to his tomb.
Some Jewish Witnesses For Christ Rev. A. Bernstein, B.D.

This youth was named Cooper, and was never called by any other appellation in the ship.
Ned Myers James Fenimore Cooper

This extraordinary man is justly entitled to the appellation of “the father of experimental philosophy.”
The Every Day Book of History and Chronology Joel Munsell

I know that Pheidias is a sculptor, and that Homer is a poet; but what appellation is given to Protagoras?
Protagoras Plato

The appellation ‘Mr.’ was not used loosely then as now, but indicated a precise social grade.
A Life of William Shakespeare Sidney Lee

an identifying name or title
the act of naming or giving a title to

late 15c., “action of appealing” (to a higher authority), from Old French apelacion (13c.), from Latin appellationem (nominative appellatio) “an addressing, accosting; an appeal; a name, title,” noun of action from past participle stem of appellare (see appeal). Meaning “designation, name given to a person, thing, or class” is from mid-15c., from a sense also found in Middle French appeler.


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