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Apple green

a clear, light green.
Historical Examples

If the green gages are colorless, add three or four drops of apple green coloring to the cream before freezing.
Ice Creams, Water Ices, Frozen Puddings Together with Refreshments for all Social Affairs Mrs. S. T. Rorer

They were all dressed in white and each carried a sweater, Sarah’s red, Rosemary’s blue and Shirley’s apple green.
Rosemary Josephine Lawrence

The foliage is of a pale or apple green, whereas that of the type is very dark.
Hardy Perennials and Old Fashioned Flowers John Wood

Chrysoprase and Prase are terms applied to an apple green to bright green chalcedony or compact, jasper-like form of quartz.
Birds and Nature Vol. 11 No. 2 [February 1902] Various

“I shall have my bedroom in apple green,” Dorothy announced.
The Vanity Girl Compton Mackenzie

The female has two broods in the year, and each time she lays from five to seven eggs, of an apple green.
The Natural History of Cage Birds J. M. Bechstein

The chrysalis is apple green, spotted with a lighter green, and has several black markings.
Butterflies and Moths William S. Furneaux

These chrysolites, when of an apple green, or straw colour with a greenish hue, may be estimated at 1l.
The History of the Revolutions of Portugal Abb Vertot

A very sallow person in pale blue or apple green looks like a well-developed case of jaundice.
Etiquette Emily Post


a bright light green or moderate yellowish-green
(as adjective): an apple-green carpet


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