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a person who is .
a beneficiary under a legal .
Contemporary Examples

A Democratic city that elected Democratic leaders is now controlled by the appointee of a Republican governor.
The Republican Occupation of Detroit Sally Kohn July 29, 2014

Jack Lew certainly fits the mold for a high-level Obama appointee.
Is Lew a Financial Regulator? Matthew Zeitlin January 10, 2013

On the House side, all we know now is that Paul Ryan will be a Republican appointee.
Debt Debate’s Dead End Michael Tomasky August 2, 2011

The ATF has not had a permanent director since 2006, when Congress required the consent of the Senate for any appointee.
ATF Shakeup in Mexico Drug Sting Corbin Hiar August 30, 2011

And Bernanke, who came into public life as a Bush appointee, has become a hate object among many on the right.
Bernanke Hints at Fed Exit, but Don’t Expect Big Name to Succeed Him Daniel Gross June 5, 2013

Historical Examples

To what extent ought the President in making appointments to take into consideration the politics of the appointee?
Government in the United States James Wilford Garner

When his appointee was duly chosen he proceeded to the investiture.
An Introduction to the History of Western Europe James Harvey Robinson

To this end he went to a village where lived a member of Congress, who, he thought, might make him his appointee.
Pike & Cutlass George Gibbs

The appointee is usually a member nominated by the local members.
Pistol and Revolver Shooting A. L. A. Himmelwright

Frazier’s appointee, however, was a lieutenant from a distant station.
A Trooper Galahad Charles King

a person who is appointed
(property law) a person to whom property is granted under a power of appointment

1768, after French appointé, from apointer (see appoint + -ee).


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