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to give notice to; inform; advise (often followed by of):
to be apprised of the death of an old friend.
Historical Examples

After much consideration it was decided that a note should be written to Ayala apprising her of her aunt’s coming.
Ayala’s Angel Anthony Trollope

A dispatch was immediately sent to the Governor, at Albany, apprising him of these facts.
City Crimes Greenhorn

If I have a houseboat I cannot move it without first apprising the river commissioners and having their consent to do so.
Beggars W. H. (William Henry) Davies

I began writing a telegram to my wife, apprising her of our good luck.
Aladdin & Co. Herbert Quick

I left him, and apprising our friends of the affair, inquired where I could find Ernest.
The Knickerbocker, or New-York Monthly Magazine, January 1844 Various

Northumberland lost no time in apprising the Duke of the success of his enterprise.
Henry of Monmouth, Volume 1 J. Endell Tyler

The next day, on apprising Lincoln of my determination, he questioned its propriety.
Abraham Lincoln, Volume 2 (of 2) William H. Herndon

I wish you had at least paid them the compliment of apprising them of our marriage.’
The Infernal Marriage Benjamin Disraeli

The first thing done was to send a telegram to Mr. Ford, apprising him that his son was found.
The Outdoor Girls in Florida Laura Lee Hope

The man looked slowly about him as if apprising potential returns.
Average Jones Samuel Hopkins Adams

(transitive) often foll by of. to make aware; inform

“to notify,” 1690s, from French appris, past participle of apprendre “to inform, teach,” literally “to lay hold of (in the mind),” another metaphoric meaning of Latin apprehendere (see apprehend). Related: Apprised; apprising.


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