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abbreviation (pl) apts.


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  • Apter

    inclined; disposed; given; prone: too apt to slander others. likely: Am I apt to find him at home? unusually intelligent; able to learn quickly and easily: an apt pupil. suited to the purpose or occasion; appropriate: an apt metaphor; a few apt remarks on world peace. Archaic. prepared; ready; willing. Historical Examples From the first […]

  • Apta

    apta American Physical Therapy Association Historical Examples I E an-apta is an negative prefix, and apta participle of ap attain. The Dakotan Languages, and Their Relations to Other Languages Andrew Woods Williamson

  • Apteral

    (of a classical temple) not having a surrounding colonnade; not peripteral. (of a church) having no aisles. (of a church façade) revealing no aisles. Historical Examples The female is apteral, but provided with a noisy apparatus for attracting the male’s attention. The Natural Philosophy of Love Remy de Gourmont adjective (esp of a classical temple) […]

  • Apteria

    one of the featherless portions of the skin of a bird.

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