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Civil Engineering.

a conduit or artificial channel for conducting water from a distance, usually by means of gravity.
a bridgelike structure that carries a water conduit or canal across a valley or over a river.

Anatomy. a canal or passage through which liquids pass.
Contemporary Examples

Segovia is best known for its trilogy of monuments: the aqueduct, the Cathedral, and the Fortress.
Gal With a Suitcase Jolie Hunt June 4, 2010

I have a can’t-miss tip in the seventh at aqueduct plus a bridge to sell you.
March Madness Race Wars and Jimmer Fredette Buzz Bissinger March 21, 2011

Take a winter afternoon at aqueduct Park in Queens several months ago, just a mile from JFK airport.
It’s Kentucky Derby Day, but What About the Rest of Horse Racing? Dan Packel May 4, 2012

Historical Examples

The aqueduct here, taken with the fine scenery around, forms an exceedingly picturesque object.
Narrative of the Circumnavigation of the Globe by the Austrian Frigate Novara, Volume I Karl Ritter von Scherzer

They knew what she would find at the aqueduct track—find the world.
Garrison’s Finish W. B. M. Ferguson

The aqueduct built by the Romans is the oldest monument of the town.
The New Gresham Encyclopedia. Vol. 1 Part 1 Various

The aqueduct, which had been long destroyed, he renewed, and brought in water through it.
Theodoric the Goth Thomas Hodgkin

He then fastened to the trunk of the olive tree a strong strap, and threw the other end of it into the aqueduct.
Procopius Procopius

It is from the aqueduct of yon Moorish mill nearly at the foot of the hill.
Journeys Through Bookland, Vol. 8 Charles H. Sylvester

Oh, no, you forget the reservoir and the tunnelling of Three Brothers for the aqueduct to Bridgeton!
The Garden, You, and I Mabel Osgood Wright

a conduit used to convey water over a long distance, either by a tunnel or more usually by a bridge
a structure, usually a bridge, that carries such a conduit or a canal across a valley or river
a channel in an organ or part of the body, esp one that conveys a natural body fluid

1530s, from Latin aquaeductus “conveyance of water,” from aquae, genitive of aqua “water” (see aqua-), + ductus “a leading, conducting,” past participle of ducere “to lead” (see duke (n.)).

aqueduct aq·ue·duct (āk’wĭ-dŭkt’)
A channel or passage in a body part or an organ.


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