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Arabian desert

a desert in Egypt between the Nile valley and the Red Sea. About 80,000 sq. mi. (207,000 sq. km).
Also called Eastern Desert. the desert region in the N part of the Arabian peninsula.
Contemporary Examples

But there are lots of spoilers in the Arabian Desert who will try to undo the deal.
Yemen’s Dangerous Power Vacuum After President Saleh Bruce Riedel November 23, 2011

Historical Examples

It was burning hot from the moment it rose till it set 14 hours after over the Arabian Desert.
With a Highland Regiment in Mesopotamia One of its Officer

Drop two thousand feet into the middle of the Arabian Desert?
The Floating Island of Madness Jason Kirby

Yet these are by no means the only plants which manage to exist in the Egyptian and Arabian Desert.
The Romance of Plant Life G. F. Scott Elliot

It might have been more appropriately named an Asian or Arabian Desert.
The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 15, No. 88, February, 1865 Various

But we cannot fail to be struck from the outset with the genius shown in the choice of a life set in the Arabian Desert.
Expositor’s Bible: The Book of Job Robert Watson

They traveled through the land of Teman, between Edom and the Arabian Desert.
The Rand-McNally Bible Atlas Jesse L. Hurlbut

One can be as parched on a road in the Sussex hop country as in the Arabian Desert.
Highways & Byways in Sussex E.V. Lucas

It would remind one of the passage of Napoleon across the Arabian Desert, so graphically described by historians.
History of Kershaw’s Brigade D. Augustus Dickert

Denon tells us that, in crossing the Arabian Desert, a single feed of beans is all their food for a day.
Illustrative Anecdotes of the Animal Kingdom Samuel Griswold Goodrich

a desert in E Egypt, between the Nile, the Gulf of Suez, and the Red Sea: mountainous parts rise over 1800 m (6000 ft). Area: about 220 000 sq km (85 000 sq miles)
a desert, mainly in Saudi Arabia, forming the desert area of the Arabian Peninsula, esp in the north. Area: about 2 330 000 sq km (900 000 sq miles)


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