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a Lydian woman who challenged Athena to a weaving contest and was changed into a spider for her presumption.
Historical Examples

The model so long sought in vain he had found in Ledscha, who in so many respects resembled Arachne.
Arachne, Complete Georg Ebers

Arachne, humiliated by the blow, and unable to avenge it, hanged herself in despair.
Quilts Marie D. Webster

And Arachne, shamed to the dust, knew that life for her was no longer worth possessing.
A Book of Myths Jean Lang

The weaving of Arachne’s web is pictured with especial power.
Contemporary American Composers Rupert Hughes

Arachne proudly said that she had never been taught to weave.
Nature Myths and Stories for Little Children Flora J. Cooke

In all Lydia there was none who could weave as wove the beautiful Arachne.
A Book of Myths Jean Lang

But Arachne still thought she could excel the goddess in weaving, and, as Minerva said no more, the contest began.
‘Round the Year in Myth and Song Florence Holbrook

His aim was now to awaken the same feeling in the beholders of his Arachne.
Arachne, Complete Georg Ebers

Furiously, too, with her shuttle of boxwood she smote Arachne.
A Book of Myths Jean Lang

The success of the Arachne depended upon Ledscha, and on her alone.
Arachne, Complete Georg Ebers

(Greek myth) a maiden changed into a spider for having presumptuously challenged Athena to a weaving contest


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