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Aral sea

an inland sea between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, E of the Caspian Sea. 26,166 sq. mi. (67,770 sq. km).
Contemporary Examples

If the pictures are new, the news of the Aral Sea shrinking is old.
The Aral Sea’s Disappearing Act Anna Nemtsova October 3, 2014

Historical Examples

The geographical effect would doubtless be the drying up of the Aral Sea.
Overland through Asia; Pictures of Siberian, Chinese, and Tartar Life Thomas Wallace Knox

a lake in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, east of the Caspian Sea, formerly the fourth largest lake in the world: shallow and saline, now badly polluted; use of its source waters for irrigation led to a loss of over 50% of its area between 1967 and 1997, after which the reduction began to be slowed. Area originally (to 1960) about 68 000 sq km (26 400 sq miles); water area reduced by 2004 to about 17 158 sq km (6625 sq miles) and the lake divided into sections Also called Lake Aral


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