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  • Arbus

    Diane, 1923–71, U.S. photographer (sister of Howard Nemerov). Contemporary Examples Boigon alleged that Arbus described her older brother, poet Howard Nemerov, as “one of her more intriguing sexual playmates.” Diane Arbus’ Dark Secrets Olivia Cole July 29, 2011 In being both ordinary and extraordinary, sex and sexuality was classic Arbus territory. Diane Arbus’ Dark Secrets […]

  • Arbuthnot

    John, 1667–1735, Scottish satirist and physician: friend of Alexander Pope and Jonathan Swift. Historical Examples “It’s all there all round,” he had said to Arbuthnot more than once. Mr. Scarborough’s Family Anthony Trollope Mr. Arbuthnot never will talk when there are people to dinner. Orley Farm Anthony Trollope Of the strength of the bond that […]

  • Arbuscular mycorrhiza

    noun another name for endotrophic mycorrhiza

  • Arbutus

    any of the evergreen shrubs or trees belonging to the genus Arbutus, of the heath family, especially A. unedo, of southern Europe, with scarlet berries, cultivated for ornament and food. . Historical Examples It is wild, with heath and arbutus scrub and a sort of myrtle, breast-high. Sea and Sardinia D. H. Lawrence Yes; and […]

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