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of .
rural, rustic, or pastoral, especially suggesting simple, innocent contentment.
a native of .
the dialect of ancient Greek spoken in .
Historical Examples

Already the Arcadian cavalry and the brave Etruscan together hold the appointed ground.
The Aeneid of Virgil Virgil

Meanwhile most of the Arcadian contingents were mustering at Asea.
Hellenica Xenophon

But the Arcadian hours continued, and two more weeks passed slowly by.
Jupiter Lights Constance Fenimore Woolson

Agias the Arcadian and Socrates the Achæan were also put to death.
The First Four Books of Xenophon’s Anabasis Xenophon

Michael often looked back to that first term in the Lower Third as a period of Arcadian simplicity, a golden age.
Sinister Street, vol. 1 Compton Mackenzie

In Eleusis he killed Cercyon, the Arcadian, in a wrestling match.
The Boys’ and Girls’ Plutarch Plutarch

Thereupon he was introduced to a whole troop of Arcadian shepherds, who welcomed him most heartily.
A Short History of Italy Henry Dwight Sedgwick

This victory greatly enhanced the fame of the Arcadian general.
Historic Tales, vol 10 (of 15) Charles Morris

Or in the most Arcadian parts of the battle area he may come alone against some peculiar shock from which he never recovers.
The Secret Battle A. P. Herbert

Epona was a horse-goddess, and Callisto in an Arcadian myth was changed into a bear.
Human Animals Frank Hamel

of or relating to Arcadia or its inhabitants, esp the idealized Arcadia of pastoral poetry
rustic or bucolic: a life of Arcadian simplicity
an inhabitant of Arcadia
a person who leads or prefers a quiet simple rural life

“ideally rustic or rural; an idealized rustic,” 1580s, from Greek Arkadia, district in the Peloponnesus, taken by poets as an ideal region of rural felicity, traditionally from Arkas (genitive Arkadas), son of Zeus, name of the founder and first ruler of Arcadia.


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