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a specialist in , the scientific study of prehistoric peoples and their cultures by analysis of their artifacts, inscriptions, monuments, etc.
Contemporary Examples

An archaeologist explains the allure—and the rationale of exploring—the blue planet.
This Week’s Hot Reads: June 18, 2012 Jimmy So June 17, 2012

More recently, a Dominican archaeologist has reopened excavation of a temple 30 miles west of Alexandria, at Taposiris Magna.
Cleopatra’s Comeback Stacy Schiff June 2, 2010

Christie herself was a frequent traveler as she followed her archaeologist husband on expeditions.
All Aboard the Orient Express: Looking Back at the Golden Age of Train Travel Sarah Moroz April 14, 2014

The archaeologist Sarah Nelson is in her eighties, and she would go dig in China this minute if she could get grant money.
The Real-Life Raiders of the Lost Ark Alex Belth November 13, 2014

The missing items, says British archaeologist Paul Barford, are “not just any old rubbish,” but extremely valuable artifacts.
Egypt’s Military Promises Peace The Daily Beast February 10, 2011

Historical Examples

It has given us glimpses of the workshop of the archaeologist, the anthropologist, and the etymologist.
Mazes and Labyrinths W. H. Matthews

Little about him suggested that he was an archaeologist with an international reputation.
The Golden Skull John Blaine

This work has been directed by archaeologist Quibell, maintained by the present Egyptian government.
The World’s Progress, Vol. I (of X) Various

He thrust at Tony, but the archaeologist knocked the spear aside.
The Golden Skull John Blaine

Dr. Anthony Briotti, archaeologist of the Spindrift staff, leaned forward.
The Wailing Octopus Harold Leland Goodwin


1824; see archaeology + -ist.


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  • Archaeomagnetism dating

    the dating of archaeological specimens by determination of the magnetic alignment of objects containing ferromagnetic materials, as baked clay pots, within undisturbed archaeological sites.

  • Archaeometry

    the branch of archaeology that deals with the dating of archaeological specimens through specific techniques, as radiocarbon dating and amino-acid dating.

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