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a male given name: from a Germanic word meaning “distinguished and bold.”.
Contemporary Examples

Jim Doyle was the uncommunicative spokesman for Archibald Cox and Leon Jaworski at the Watergate Special Prosecution Force.
Newsweek’s Watergate Legacy Jim Doyle December 28, 2012

First in the line is Miles Archibald Romney, born in Dalton in 1806.
Mitt Romney’s British Mormon Ancestors Mike Giglio January 30, 2012

He rejected the names Richardson put forward until he got the one he wanted: Archibald Cox.
How Kennedy Brought Down Nixon Chris Matthews September 12, 2009

Grant was born as Archibald Leach, to a mentally ill woman and a working-class pants presser in Bristol, England.
The Secret of Don Draper’s Sex Appeal Natasha Vargas-Cooper July 21, 2010

Historical Examples

Sir Archibald came back, picked up the pistol, and flung it also into the pool.
Archibald Malmaison Julian Hawthorne

Jack flushed with pleasure to find that the great Archibald Grahame had heard of him.
Lorraine Robert W. Chambers

Sir Archibald Bruce, a neighbouring landowner, and his wife had come, bringing their daughter Dorothy to play tennis.
The Rough Road William John Locke

If I’d known you would be so rude to a lady, I should have sent Archibald to speak with you.
The Hero William Somerset Maugham

I think he ought to have been, after I spoke myself to Mr. Archibald about it.
The Daughter of a Magnate Frank H. Spearman

The Deans proclamation had been elicited by some remark of Sir Archibald.
The Rough Road William John Locke

masc. proper name, from Old High German Erchanbald, literally “genuine bold,” from erchan “genuine” + bald (see bold). Archie, British World War I military slang for “German anti-aircraft fire” (1915) supposedly is from black humor of airmen dodging hostile fire and thinking of the refrain of a popular music hall song, “Archibald, certainly not!”


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