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of or relating to :
architectural metals.
conforming to the basic principles of .
having the qualities of ; characteristic of ; structural; architectonic.
Historical Examples

architecturally the tower may be said to be a connecting link between the romanesque and Norman styles.
Oxford and its Story Cecil Headlam

The interior of this mosque is the most effective, architecturally, of any temple in the East.
Foot-prints of Travel Maturin M. Ballou

But architecturally it is nothing more than a splendid failure–over-decorated and ginger-bready.
Town Life in Australia R. E. N. (Richard) Twopeny

Venice is, architecturally, the most interesting city in Italy.
Venice Dorothy Menpes

Bok felt a keen desire to take hold of the small American house and make it architecturally better.
The Americanization of Edward Bok Edward William Bok

Several are cloistered and every one of them is architecturally of great interest.
Cathedral Cities of Spain William Wiehe Collins

architecturally, a most elaborate club-house is the Germania on Schermerhorn Street.
A History of the City of Brooklyn and Kings County Volume II Stephen M. Ostrander

architecturally and historically it is one of the most interesting in Alexandria.
Seaport in Virginia Gay Montague Moore

But it is really very beautiful, and seen from certain vantage points, it is architecturally one of the glories of New York.
Just Irish Charles Battell Loomis

architecturally it is a jumble, good in parts, but again shocking in other parts.
Dumas’ Paris Francis Miltoun


1762; see architecture + -al (1). Related: Architecturally.


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