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a molded or decorated band following the extrados of an arch or forming an archlike frame for an opening.
Historical Examples

The meaning of the sculpture in the archivolt was not clear to me, and seemed to refer to some legend.
Some Account of Gothic Architecture in Spain George Edmund Street

archivolt, the series of mouldings which is carried round an arch.
Architecture Thomas Roger Smith

The archivolt is seven-fold and is an excellent piece of rich carving.
Cathedral Cities of Spain William Wiehe Collins

I have not been able to find any fragments of the archivolt.
The Excavations of Roman Baths at Bath Charles E. Davis

In this archivolt there are only two heads to represent the zodiacal sign.
The Stones of Venice, Volume II (of 3), John Ruskin

archivolt (rki-volt), in architecture, the ornamental band of mouldings on the face of an arch and following its contour.
The New Gresham Encyclopedia. Vol. 1 Part 2 Various

They are carried on coupled shafts which, as well as their capital, are of red Veronese marble, the archivolt being of stone.
Brick and Marble in the Middle Ages George Edmund Street

archivolt, r′ki-volt, n. the band or moulding which runs round the lower part of the archstones of an arch.
Chambers’s Twentieth Century Dictionary (part 1 of 4: A-D) Various

The figure of this saint on the jamb or the archivolt of the portal is expressive of such simple piety and enthusiasm!
The Gate of Appreciation Carleton Noyes

That archivolt is in its earliest conditions perfectly pure and undecorated,—the simplest and rudest of Gothic forms.
The Stones of Venice, Volume I (of 3) John Ruskin

noun (architect)
a moulding around an arch, sometimes decorated
the under surface of an arch


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