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roguishness; sauciness.
Historical Examples

Her archness was not bold nor unwomanly, and her vivacity was well within the bounds of refinement and good taste.
Famous Prima Donnas Lewis Clinton Strang

There came an archness into her look that inflamed me the more.
The Crossing Winston Churchill

We realized all the mingled coquetry and feeling and defiance and archness in Betty Sherman’s daring speech.
The Story Girl Lucy Maud Montgomery

There was an archness in her smile which was altogether womanly.
Unveiling a Parallel Alice Ilgenfritz Jones and Ella Marchant

Lady Torquilin inquired with archness; and Mr. Pratte’s countenance suddenly became rueful as he dropped his eyeglass.
An American Girl in London Sara Jeannette Duncan

She looked at him with a concern which was to me more engaging than her archness.
The Admiral Douglas Sladen

Sally May was a delicious Mrs. Bennet—her archness, her querulousness, and above all her talkativeness.
Judy of York Hill Ethel Hume Patterson Bennett

“He might do worse,” answered her father, with archness and pride.
Household stories from the Land of Hofer R. H. Busk

It is difficult to say whether Mrs. Markle’s archness, or Sal’s woeful perspicuity, was most alarming to Gabriel.
Gabriel Conroy Bert Harte

The archness fled from her smile, and her eyes grew pensive and far-seeing.
The Woman Gives Owen Johnson


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