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a first-magnitude star in the constellation Boötes.
Historical Examples

Opposite there is another star, coloured, between the knees of the Bear Warden, dedicated there under the name of Arcturus.
Ten Books on Architecture Vitruvius

Been computing the orbit of the wreckage of the Arcturus around Jupiter.
Spacehounds of IPC Edward Elmer Smith

Its leading star α, Arcturus, is the brightest in the northern hemisphere.
Pleasures of the telescope Garrett Serviss

Arcturus was a roving beast of the plains; he went in droves in his day.
The Secret of the Creation Howard D. Pollyen

It was a long way to Arcturus, a long, lonely way—even for a hardened pirate, he reflected sadly.
Membership Drive Murray F. Yaco

Altair and Arcturus: prominent stars in the northern hemisphere.
The Spring of the Year Dallas Lore Sharp

Latitude by Centauri and Arcturus 15 degrees 18 minutes 33 seconds.
Journals of Australian Explorations A C and F T Gregory

Arcturus, α Botis, in the sign Libra; conspicuous in the nights of spring.
Chaucer’s Works, Volume 2 (of 7) Geoffrey Chaucer

With Astro down and Tom out of position, the Arcturus unit seemed certain of scoring.
Stand by for Mars! Carey Rockwell

Arcturus is also one of the most rapidly moving stars in the heavens.
Astronomy for Young Folks Isabel Martin Lewis

the brightest star in the constellation Boötes: a red giant. Visual magnitude: –0.4; spectral type: K2III; distance: 37 light years

late 14c., bright star in the constellation Bootes (also used of the whole constellation), from Latin Arcturus, from Greek Arktouros; anciently associated with the Bear, and its name is Greek for “guardian of the bear.” See arctic; second element is from ouros “watcher, guardian, ward” (see warrant (n.)).

Arcturus in the Bible (Job ix:9 and xxxviii:32) is a mistranslation by Jerome (continued in KJV) of Hebrew ‘Ayish, which actually refers to the “bowl” of the Big Dipper. In Israel and Arabia, the seven stars of the Great Bear seem to have been a bier (the “bowl”) followed by three mourners. In the Septuagint it was translated as Pleiada, which is equally incorrect. The double nature of the great bear/wagon (see Big Dipper) has given two different names to the constellation that follows it: Arktouros “bear-ward” and bootes “the wagoner.”
A giant star in the constellation Boötes. It is the brightest star in the Northern Hemisphere and the fourth brightest star in the sky, with an apparent magnitude of 0.00. Scientific name: Alpha Boötes.

bear-keeper, the name given by the ancients to the brightest star in the constellation Bootes. In the Authorized Version (Job 9:9; 38:32) it is the rendering of the Hebrew word _’ash_, which probably designates the constellation the Great Bear. This word (‘ash) is supposed to be derived from an Arabic word meaning night-watcher, because the Great Bear always revolves about the pole, and to our nothern hemisphere never sets.


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