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the aggregate of qualities, as valor and virtue, making up good character.
a sharp rugged mountain ridge, produced by glaciation.
Historical Examples

From what is said of arete, what can you tell of the influence of the Greek women?
Modern Prose And Poetry; For Secondary Schools Various

But arete pleaded hard with her husband for Medeia, for her heart was softened.
The Heroes Charles Kingsley

arete gives the order to the servants to spread his couch for the night’s repose, she has received him.
Homer’s Odyssey Denton J. Snider

arete, daughter of Aristippus, continued the latter’s teachings after his death.
Greek Women Mitchell Carroll

arete was the first to speak, for she recognised the garments which Odysseus was wearing as the work of her own hands.
Stories from the Odyssey H. L. Havell

arete was also learned in natural history and in other branches of science.
Greek Women Mitchell Carroll

There the fair maiden, arete, placed a crown upon his head, and Hebe clothed him in a white robe for the banquet of the gods.
Museum of Antiquity L. W. Yaggy

But for all that, arete besought him, until she won him round.
Myths That Every Child Should Know Various

But for all that arete besought him, until she won him round.
The Heroes Charles Kingsley

There she advised that he should seek the Queen, arete, whom he would find at that hour busied with her weaving.
Half a Hundred Hero Tales Various

a sharp ridge separating two cirques or glacial valleys in mountainous regions

“sharp crest of a mountain,” 1862, from Swiss French arête, from Latin arista “ear of grain, the top of an ear,” which probably is of Etruscan origin. The figure is of something jagged.

important concept in Greek philosophy, “virtue, excellence,” especially of manly qualities; literally “that which is good.” The comparative form is areion, the superlative is aristos (cf. aristocracy).
A sharp, narrow ridge or spur commonly found above the snow line in mountainous areas that have been sculpted by glaciers. Arêtes form as the result of the continued backward erosion of adjoining cirques.


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