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Argand lamp

an oil lamp with a chimney, having a tubular wick that permits air to reach the center of the flame.
Historical Examples

The parlor was beautifully though not brilliantly lighted by an Argand lamp.
Phaeton Rogers Rossiter Johnson

Then comes the Argand lamp; and down with the Encyclopedistic volumes.
Bibliomania; or Book-Madness Thomas Frognall Dibdin

The former resembled the Argand lamp in some respects and the latter was a three-flame burner suggesting a fleur-de-lis.
Artificial Light M. Luckiesh

Two piles of books supported the tongs, and these upheld a small glass retort above an Argand lamp.
Stories of Authors, British and American Edwin Watts Chubb

The first important improvement was the introduction of that admirable invention the Argand lamp, with a double stream of air.
Smeaton and Lighthouses John Smeaton

A tall, Argand lamp on a marble table, shed its mild, ethereal light over the rich furniture.
Eventide Effie Afton

The flexible pipe conveying oxygen to centre of the Argand lamp.
The Boy’s Playbook of Science John Henry Pepper


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