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pertaining to or resembling silver.
a silvery substance, especially one obtained from fish scales, used in making imitation pearls.
any of various silvery marine fishes, especially those of the genus Argentina.
a native or inhabitant of Argentina.
Argentina (usually preceded by the):
They vacationed in the Argentine.
of or relating to Argentina.
a republic in S South America. 1,084,120 sq. mi. (2,807,870 sq. km).
Capital: Buenos Aires.
Contemporary Examples

London has controlled the islands, about 300 miles off the argentine coast, since 1833.
Argentina Accuses Britain of Sending ‘Uniform of the Conqueror’ as Prince William Heads to the Falklands Tom Sykes January 31, 2012

I ask Cuco how The Verne Club gets illegal, over-proof alcohol like absinthe through the fine-toothed comb of argentine customs.
The Absinthe-Minded Porteños of Buenos Aires Jeff Campagna March 9, 2014

But then the argentine pontiff did something decidedly unpopelike.
An Easter Resolution Joshua DuBois March 30, 2013

I like argentine malbec red wine or a good red wine from the North of Spain.
Viggo Mortensen Talks ‘The Two Faces of January,’ Blasts Fox News and Israel’s ‘State Terrorism’ Marlow Stern September 26, 2014

The argentine pope might be able to do the same for Latin America.
Pope Francis’s Dirty War Dealings Horacio Verbitsky March 14, 2013

Historical Examples

The journey is also rendered disagreeable by the dust which is the invariable concomitant of argentine railway travelling.
Argentina W. A. Hirst

Garibaldi, services in war between argentine and Uruguay, 93.
Admiral Farragut A. T. Mahan

His name was Green, and though he had been twenty years in argentine, he haled from Boston.
The Wild Olive Basil King

With strict economy one might live very cheaply in argentine.’
Peter and Jane S. (Sarah) Macnaughtan

It has been said that an argentine takes off his hat to an Englishman, but tucks his arm in that of a Frenchman.
South America and the War F. A. Kirkpatrick

of, relating to, or resembling silver
any of various small marine salmonoid fishes, such as Argentina sphyraena, that constitute the family Argentinidae and are characterized by a long silvery body
the Argentine, another name for Argentina
a native or inhabitant of Argentina
of or relating to Argentina
a republic in southern South America: colonized by the Spanish from 1516 onwards; gained independence in 1816 and became a republic in 1852; ruled by military dictatorships for much of the 20th century; civilian rule restored in 1983; consists chiefly of subtropical plains and forests (the Chaco) in the north, temperate plains (the pampas) in the central parts, the Andes in the west, and an infertile plain extending to Tierra del Fuego in the south (Patagonia); an important meat producer. Language: Spanish. Religion: Roman Catholic. Currency: peso. Capital: Buenos Aires. Pop: 42 610 981 (2013 est). Area: 2 776 653 sq km (1 072 067 sq miles) Also called the Argentine

“silver-colored,” mid-15c., from Latin argentinus “of silver,” from argentum (see argent).

“of or from Argentina,” 1830 (from 1829 as a noun); Argentinian is from 1845 as a noun; 1858 as an adjective.

South American nation, from Latin argentinus “of silver” (see argent); a Latinized form of (Rio) de la Plata, from Spanish plata “silver.”

Republic in southern South America, bordered by Chile to the west; Bolivia and Paraguay to the north; and Brazil, Uruguay, and the Atlantic Ocean to the east. Its capital and largest city is Buenos Aires.

Note: Second-largest nation of South America, after Brazil.

Note: Juan Perón came to power in Argentina in 1946, establishing a dictatorship, and ruled with the aid of his second wife, the popular Eva Perón, until he was overthrown in 1955. He was president again from 1973 to 1974, when he died.


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