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a term used to refer to an Argentine.


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  • Argie-bargie

    noun a variant spelling of argy-bargy

  • Argies

    a term used to refer to an Argentine. . Contemporary Examples Sit down across a table with the argies for a friendly chat about the Falklands? Prince William in the Falklands Is a Reminder to Argentina Tom Sykes November 14, 2011 Historical Examples Fr’m this he argies that th’ conscience isn’t part iv th’ soul. […]

  • Argil

    clay, especially potter’s clay. Historical Examples The argil and soda soften the dye stuff of the copperas, but a small quantity must be put in. Blacker’s Art of Fly Making, &c. William Blacker Clayey; pertaining to, containing, or of the nature of clay or argil. Cooley’s Cyclopdia of Practical Receipts and Collateral Information in the […]

  • Argillaceous

    Geology, Petrology. of the nature of or resembling clay; clayey. containing a considerable amount of clayey matter. Historical Examples argillaceous rocks, composed essentially of particles of mud. The Principles of Stratigraphical Geology J. E. Marr From clay and chalk, or argillaceous river-mud and chalk or limestone, calcined together, and then ground to powder. Cooley’s Cyclopdia […]

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