(in Shakespeare’s Tempest) a spirit of the air who is required to use his magic to help Prospero.
Astronomy. one of the moons of the planet Uranus.
Aerospace. one of a series of British satellites that studied the ionosphere, cosmic rays, and x-rays.
Also, Arielle
[ar-ee-el, air-] /ˌær iˈɛl, ˌɛər-/ (Show IPA). a female given name.
a male given name.
Historical Examples

arielle colored my top, after my father had made it, and then my father varnished it over the colors, and that fixed them.
Young Folks Treasury, Volume 3 (of 12) Various

After arielle has departed, in a scene of singular power he drives forth his patient Griselidis.
Iconoclasts James Huneker

It is arielle, the subconscious nature of Merlin, who always warns him of impending danger.
Iconoclasts James Huneker

an Arabian gazelle, Gazella arabica (or dama)
the smallest of the four large satellites of Uranus

1382, in the Wyclif Bible, a word taken untranslated from the Vulgate, from Greek ariel (Sept.), from Hebrew ariel; in later Bibles, translated as “altar.”

(Gesenius would here translate “fire-hearth of God,” after Arab. arr; elsewhere in O.T. the same word occurs as a man’s name, and appellation of Jerusalem, where it is taken as = “lion of God.”) Ariel in T. Heywood and Milton is the name of an angel, in Shakespeare of “an Ayrie spirit”; in Astron. of one of the satellites of Uranus. [OED]

As the name of a species of gazelle found in the Middle East, 1832, from Arabic aryil, variant of ayyil “stag.”

the lion of God. (1.) One of the chief men sent by Ezra to procure Levites for the sanctuary (Ezra 8:16). (2.) A symbolic name for Jerusalem (Isa. 29:1, 2, 7) as “victorious under God,” and in Ezek. 43:15, 16, for the altar (marg., Heb. ‘ariel) of burnt offerings, the secret of Israel’s lion-like strength.

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