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an expert in .
Historical Examples

The parties are to be to him merely A and B, and he has to work out the result as an arithmetician works out a sum.
Social Rights and Duties, Volume I (of 2) Sir Leslie Stephen

And that person is he who is good at calculation—the arithmetician?
Lesser Hippias Plato

So doth the geometrician and arithmetician, in their diverse sorts of quantities.
A Defence of Poesie and Poems Philip Sidney

He is as good an arithmetician as Bareme, draws, dances, and sings well.
The Ball at Sceaux Honore de Balzac

The news from Palermo may be said to have converted him from an arithmetician into an astronomer.
A Popular History of Astronomy During the Nineteenth Century Agnes M. (Agnes Mary) Clerke

I am not an arithmetician, but my calculations told me enough to make me realize that I was on the wrong track.
The Mystery of the Downs John R. Watson

This is a metaphor, borrowed partly from the grazier’s vocabulary, and partly from the arithmetician’s vade-mecum.
Tales And Novels, Volume 4 (of 10) Maria Edgeworth

The bird called the nine-killer is an arithmetician, also the crow, the wild turkey, and some other birds.
The Boy’s Playbook of Science John Henry Pepper

His acquirements as an arithmetician were extraordinary; and as a speaker he possessed remarkable powers.
Reminiscences of a Canadian Pioneer for the last Fifty Years Samuel Thompson

We here detect a person quite unnoticed hitherto by the moderns, Magnus the arithmetician.
A Budget of Paradoxes, Volume I (of II) Augustus De Morgan


Read Also:

  • Arithmetize

    verb to express in arithmetic form

  • Arithmocracy

    noun rule by the numerical majority of the population Word Origin Greek arithmos ‘number’ Historical Examples arithmocracy, ar-ith-mok′ras-i, n. a democracy of mere numbers. Chambers’s Twentieth Century Dictionary (part 1 of 4: A-D) Various n. “rule by numerical majority,” 1850, from Greek arithmos “number, counting, amount” (see arithmetic) + -cracy. Related: Arithmocratic; arithmocratical.

  • Arithmomania

    noun a passion for numbers, counting; compulsive counting Word Origin Greek arithmos ‘number’ n. “compulsive desire to count objects and make calculations,” 1890, from French arithmomanie, from Greek arithmos “number, counting, amount” (see arithmetic) + French -manie (see mania). Related: Arithmomaniac.

  • Arithmomaniac

    noun one who counts compulsively Word Origin Greek arithmos ‘number’

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