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Arm wrestling

a form of wrestling in which two opponents, usually facing each other across a table, rest their right or left elbows on the table and, placing their corresponding forearms upward and parallel, grip each other’s hand, the object being to force the opponent’s hand down so that it touches the table.
to engage in arm wrestling.
Contemporary Examples

“arm wrestling is more heart than biceps,” one of the featured athletes says.
This Arm Wrestling Reality Show Will Make You Beg for Mercy Kevin Fallon February 24, 2014

How many of us can say we identify with those who devote their lives to the world of arm wrestling?
This Arm Wrestling Reality Show Will Make You Beg for Mercy Kevin Fallon February 24, 2014

a contest in which two people sit facing each other each with one elbow resting on a table, clasp hands, and each tries to force the other’s arm flat onto the table while keeping his own elbow touching the table


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