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a completely enclosed helmet having a visor and hinged cheek pieces fastened under the chin.
Historical Examples

The English armet was rarely furnished with a bavier or movable chin-piece, and the fixed one, called a mentonire, was small.
Armour in England J. Starkie Gardner

They wear the close helmet or armet of Italian fashion, with a high comb and a large sharply-pointed visor.
Armour in England J. Starkie Gardner

This ornamentation appears on all the pieces, the armet included.
Spanish Arms and Armour Albert F. Calvert

The armet is combed, but differs in form from the Jacobe type, and the visor is pierced on one side with round holes.
Armour in England J. Starkie Gardner

The armet, or close helmet, fits the shape of the head to such an extent that it must be opened to be put on.
Armour & Weapons Charles John Ffoulkes

The armet has usually a low central cabled comb with parallel flutes on either side, occasionally there are three or five combs.
Armour in England J. Starkie Gardner

The armet could be strengthened by the usual reinforcing pieces.
Spanish Arms and Armour Albert F. Calvert

The armet, or close helmet, followed the salade, and is mentioned by Oliver de la Marche as early as 1443.
Armour & Weapons Charles John Ffoulkes

The armet shown on Plate V opens in the front and when closed is fastened with a spring hook.
Armour & Weapons Charles John Ffoulkes

He assumes that it is a variety of the armet, but with a grooved collar which fitted over the gorget.
Armour & Weapons Charles John Ffoulkes

a close-fitting medieval visored helmet with a neck guard


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