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lacking an or :
The Venus de Milo is an armless statue.
Contemporary Examples

All that was left of the corpse was a headless, armless torso with one leg, still wearing a stiletto-heeled boot.
Headless Torso Found in Venice Lagoon Barbie Latza Nadeau June 1, 2013

Historical Examples

I didn’t think as ‘ow even ‘Enery Wilks would be able to grattify ‘is ‘armless ambishun, but the uther day I saw my chawnce.
Mr. Punch’s Golf Stories Various

“You forget this,” said Conway, pointing to his armless sleeve.
Davenport Dunn, Volume 1 (of 2) Charles James Lever

Found Flu, the armless artist, in the Muse copying a picture of Godiva.
Julia Ward Howe Laura E. Richards

I misjudged of him,’ he was thinking; ‘he never was nothing but a ‘armless human being.
Fraternity John Galsworthy

He paid no attention to the armless man, who jestingly shouted an ironic remark to him.
Atlantis Gerhart Hauptmann

Yes, the train went over them and I’m armless for the second time.
Uncanny Tales Various

It used to be owned by an armless man who rowed over the Great American Desert in an open boat!
Boy Scouts in the Philippines G. Harvey Ralphson

He held the containers for the armless man and handed them to the other.
Gladiator Philip Wylie

I can see now the bandaged eyes of the gassed patients, the armless sleeve or the bared breast with the bloody dressings.
The Fight for the Argonne William Benjamin West


late 14c., of physical conditions, from arm (n.1) + -less. Meaning “without weapons” is attested from 1610s (from arm (n.2)), but that sense is more typically expressed by unarmed.


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