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of or relating to .
a native of .
(def 2).
a native or inhabitant of Brittany.
Also called Armorican, Armoric. the Celtic language of Brittany.
(often lowercase) a round hat for women, with a flat crown and a turned-up brim.
pertaining to Brittany, the Bretons, or their language.
Historical Examples

These are the armoric Britons, and they remain there to the present day.
Old English Chronicles Various

armoric, ar-mor′ik, n. the language of the inhabitants of armorica, the ancient name for Brittany.
Chambers’s Twentieth Century Dictionary (part 1 of 4: A-D) Various

The armoric word for mania is diboelder or satoni; the Cornish, meskatter; the British, mainigh, among others.
Chapters in the History of the Insane in the British Isles Daniel Hack Tuke

He may have added the armoric or Breton mor, mar; and the Irish muir, mara.
Notes and Queries, Number 69, February 22, 1851 Various

of, relating to, or characteristic of Brittany, its people, or their language
a native or inhabitant of Brittany, esp one who speaks the Breton language
the indigenous language of Brittany, belonging to the Brythonic subgroup of the Celtic family of languages
André (ɑ̃dre). 1896–1966, French poet and art critic: founder and chief theorist of surrealism, publishing the first surrealist manifesto in 1924
a native or inhabitant of Armorica (an ancient name for Brittany)
of or relating to Armorica

“native or language of Brittany,” late 14c., from French form of Briton (q.v.).


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