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an ancient region in NW France, corresponding generally to Brittany.
Historical Examples

Yes, the independence of Armorica is a shame to the arms of the Franks.
The Abbatial Crosier Eugne Sue

There shall be put into her jaws a bridle that shall be made on the coast of Armorica.
Old English Chronicles Various

We find this identical word in a tale written by him, of which the scene is Armorica.
Notes and Queries, Number 85, June 14, 1851 Various

You are the count of the county of Nantes, close to the frontiers of that bedeviled Armorica.
The Abbatial Crosier Eugne Sue

And he formed the idea of transporting their island to the coasts of Armorica.
Penguin Island Anatole France

The last Breton will have died before our Armorica shall be conquered by the barbarians as they have done the rest of Gaul.
The Poniard’s Hilt Eugne Sue

Brittany, the ancient Armorica, retains perhaps as unmixed a population as any part of Western Europe.
The Fairy Mythology Thomas Keightley

Armoric, ar-mor′ik, n. the language of the inhabitants of Armorica, the ancient name for Brittany.
Chambers’s Twentieth Century Dictionary (part 1 of 4: A-D) Various

The Britons were the first who came into the island, and they came from Armorica.
The Ethnology of the British Islands Robert Gordon Latham

Three days ago, on my way hither, I saw Chram and his father on the frontier of our Armorica.
The Poniard’s Hilt Eugne Sue

an ancient name for Brittany

ancient name for Brittany, from Gallo-Romance Are-mor-ica, literally “before the sea,” with a Celtic prefix meaning “before” (cf. Old Irish ar) + mare “sea” (see mere (n.)).


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