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a projecting, often padded support for the forearm, as at the side of a chair or sofa or between seats in a theater, car, or airplane.
Contemporary Examples

Edwards always liked the armrest up in the car when he got in so he could move around in the backseat.
Andrew Young’s Revenge Tina Brown January 30, 2010

As he was pulling his hand out of the armrest, Mrs. Lovett saw the gun and it immediately discharged into his left knee.
What Gun Use Looks Like in the Real World David Frum April 29, 2013

Historical Examples

But Administrator Bradshaw already was sagging sideways over the armrest of this chair, head lolling backwards.
Oneness James H. Schmitz

Landy, as was his wont, clutched the armrest of the car and said nothing.
David Lannarck, Midget George S. Harney

Reetal brought the drink over to his chair, sat down on the armrest with it.
Lion Loose James H. Schmitz

His hand moved over the control panel in the armrest of his chair, and the scene changed.
Anything You Can Do … Gordon Randall Garrett

She peered at a button on the go-chair’s armrest which had just begun to put out small bright-blue flashes of light.
Watch the Sky James H. Schmitz

Reetal took both glasses over to the liquor cabinet, freshened them up, and settled down on the armrest of the chair again.
Lion Loose James H. Schmitz

the part of a chair, sofa, etc, that supports the arm Sometimes shortened to arm


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