(Daniel) Louis (“Satchmo”) 1900–71, U.S. jazz trumpeter and bandleader.
Edwin Howard, 1890–1954, U.S. electrical engineer and inventor: developed frequency modulation.
Henry (Henry Jackson) 1912–88, U.S. boxer: world featherweight champion 1937–38; world lightweight champion 1938–39; world welterweight champion 1938–40.
Lance, born 1971, U.S. cyclist with seven consecutive victories (1999–2005) in the Tour-de-France.
Neil A. 1930–2012, U.S. astronaut: first person to walk on the moon, July 20, 1969.
Contemporary Examples

The show “basically reneged” on promises to him, Armstrong told me.
How Lance Armstrong Lied to the World (Including Me) Howard Kurtz January 4, 2013

Armstrong’s ex-wife, Kristin played a pivotal part in convincing him to stop before his big comeback out of retirement.
8 Juiciest Bits From Night Two of Lance and Oprah Kevin Fallon January 18, 2013

Armstrong initiated the talks last month by sending Huffington an e-mail asking if they could meet.
The Huffington Post’s Gutsy Move Howard Kurtz February 6, 2011

Critics were shocked by the almost defiant lack of emotion Armstrong displayed in part one of his interview.
8 Juiciest Bits From Night Two of Lance and Oprah Kevin Fallon January 18, 2013

Armstrong was only sporadically communicative during the last two weeks of her life.
Why I Almost Killed Myself—And My Children Daleen Berry April 15, 2011

Historical Examples

Mrs. Armstrong’s air of excitement was very much in evidence.
Shavings Joseph C. Lincoln

“Fenn and I will go over to Mr. Armstrong’s house this afternoon,” said Bart.
Frank Roscoe’s Secret Allen Chapman

Armstrong spoke of him in later years as his spiritual father.
The Negro and the Nation George S. Merriam

“Maybe you’ll be sorry you took the beast,” Mr. Armstrong added.
Frank Roscoe’s Secret Allen Chapman

And Armstrong read, his forehead slowly grooving into something very like a frown.
Found in the Philippines Charles King

Edwin Howard. 1890–1954, US electrical engineer; invented the superheterodyne radio receiver and the FM radio
(Daniel) Louis, known as Satchmo. 1900–71, US jazz trumpeter, bandleader, and singer
Gillian. born 1950, Australian film director; her films include My Brilliant Career (1978), Little Women (1994), and Charlotte Gray (2001)
Neil (Alden). 1930–2012, US astronaut; commanded Apollo 11 on the first manned lunar landing during which he became the first man to set foot on the moon on July 20, 1969
Lance. born 1971, US cyclist, winner of 7 Tour de France titles, 1999–2005; stripped of the titles in 2012 and banned for life, having been found to have used banned substances


A high note or run played on the trumpet

[fr Louis Armstrong, who was among the first to exploit the high register of the trumpet in jazz]


A locomotive fired by hand

[Railroad; fr the strong arms required for such work]

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