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American Radiological Nurses Association
Contemporary Examples

Juliano went along to film his mother’s project, which resulted in the documentary arna’s Children.
In Palestinian Theater’s New York Performance, the Play After the Play is the Thing Lisa Goldman September 27, 2013

Historical Examples

Alone with arna, Dr. Wilton punched several buttons on the desk, consulted a memo and spoke briskly to a blank video screen.
The Butterfly Kiss Arthur Dekker Savage

arna was going to send Peggy to college, too—it was so good of arna!
The Children’s Book of Christmas Stories Various

Sy leaped from the throne and fairly threw arna into its confines.
The Butterfly Kiss Arthur Dekker Savage

To establish their complete normalcy, you might like to meet arna Matt A-94, who happens to be waiting in the next room.
The Butterfly Kiss Arthur Dekker Savage

The wild one is called the arna, and the tame one Bhainsa, in the language of the natives.
Quadrupeds, What They Are and Where Found Mayne Reid

He and arna huddled over the Venusian for half an hour, until he finally opened his eyes and smiled toothlessly.
The Butterfly Kiss Arthur Dekker Savage

He walked to where arna waited and climbed into his own conveyance.
The Butterfly Kiss Arthur Dekker Savage

arna answered while Sy wiped his long knife on one of the bodies and returned it to a sheath under his jacket.
The Butterfly Kiss Arthur Dekker Savage

She had once thought of asking arna to help her, but arna seemed so tired.
The Children’s Book of Christmas Stories Various


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