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Benedict, 1741–1801, American general in the Revolutionary War who became a traitor.
Sir Edwin, 1832–1904, English poet and journalist.
Henry H (“Hap”) 1886–1950, U.S. general.
Matthew, 1822–88, English essayist, poet, and literary critic.
his father, Thomas, 1795–1842, English clergyman, educator, historian, and writer.
Thurman Wesley
[thur-muh n] /ˈθɜr mən/ (Show IPA), 1891–1969, U.S. lawyer and writer.
a town in E Missouri.
a male given name: from Germanic words meaning “eagle” and “power.”.
Contemporary Examples

Hoping to speak to her, Arnold and another middle-aged woman, a former nun, followed her.
Bachmann’s Unrivaled Extremism Michelle Goldberg June 14, 2011

He had invited a 19-year-old drifter named Arnold Murray to his house and they had had consensual sex.
The Castration of Alan Turing, Britain’s Code-Breaking WWII Hero Clive Irving November 28, 2014

Arnold was spellbinding in convincing her that the tales were absurd, obvious lies.
Arnold Schwarzenegger Comes Clean Laurence Leamer September 29, 2012

A bigger miscalculation is the off-screen death of Arnold Rothstein.
‘Boardwalk Empire’ Left New Jersey and Lost Its Way Allen Barra September 6, 2014

It was perfectly plausible that he had targeted a Kennedy to be his wife, although Arnold denies it.
Arnold Schwarzenegger Comes Clean Laurence Leamer September 29, 2012

Historical Examples

In each of these things what Arnold was to his generation Wells remarkably has been to ours.
The World of H.G. Wells Van Wyck Brooks

It comes of course from Arend, a Dutch name related to Arnold.
The Romance of Names Ernest Weekley

Arnold listened as if he were hearing the price of codfish and hams.
In the Days of Poor Richard Irving Bacheller

The character of Burgoyne, Gates and Arnold, as shown by their acts.
Journeys Through Bookland, Vol. 10 Charles Herbert Sylvester

Arnold had gone, as he had promised, before Anne was out of her room.
Man and Wife Wilkie Collins

a town in N central England, in S Nottinghamshire. Pop: 37 402 (2001)
Sir Malcolm. 1921–2006, English composer, esp of orchestral works in a traditional idiom
Matthew. 1822–88, English poet, essayist, and literary critic, noted particularly for his poems Sohrab and Rustum (1853) and Dover Beach (1867), and for his Essays in Criticism (1865) and Culture and Anarchy (1869)
his father, Thomas. 1795–1842, English historian and educationalist, headmaster of Rugby School, noted for his reforms in public-school education

masc. proper name, from Old High German Arenwald, literally “having the strength of an eagle,” from arn “eagle” (see erne) + wald “power” (see wield).


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