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Arnold (“Red”) 1917–2006, U.S. basketball coach and manager.
[ber-tohlt] /ˈbɛr toʊlt/ (Show IPA), 1812–82, German novelist.
Historical Examples

The one bright spot of my morning was that Auerbach hadn’t denied seeing the evidence of the cylinders pointing North.
Sense from Thought Divide Mark Irvin Clifton

If Auerbach and I reached for them, we would be permitted to grasp them.
Sense from Thought Divide Mark Irvin Clifton

I stood there beside Auerbach, and we both poked at the cylinders some more.
Sense from Thought Divide Mark Irvin Clifton

“Maybe that’s because you’re judging it outside of its own framework,” Auerbach answered.
Sense from Thought Divide Mark Irvin Clifton

We know the Auerbach cylinder will store a psi impulse, but we don’t know how.
Sense from Thought Divide Mark Irvin Clifton

As per instructions, she was carrying a couple of the Auerbach cylinders.
Sense from Thought Divide Mark Irvin Clifton

Sara and Auerbach came in as we were setting the table down.
Sense from Thought Divide Mark Irvin Clifton

I must not fail to own the great pleasure that I have had in some of the stories of Auerbach.
Literature and Life William Dean Howells

In Brigitta we find enough of Auerbach’s charm to like the story, simple as it is.
Lippincott’s Magazine of Popular Literature and Science, Vol. XXVI., December, 1880. Various

Auerbach, the drummer of the Seventeenth, was also a model soldier, always at his post.
Memories Fannie A. (Mrs.) Beers

Frank (Helmuth). born 1931, British painter, born in Germany, noted esp for his use of impasto


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