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to sound the notes of (a chord) in succession.


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  • Arpeggiation

    the writing or playing of .

  • Arpeggio

    the sounding of the notes of a chord in rapid succession instead of simultaneously. a chord thus sounded. Historical Examples The most essential figures which Beethoven employs are built upon the scale and the arpeggio. Beethoven: A Memoir (2nd Ed.) Elliott Graeme The study ends with the arpeggio passage as at the beginning. Nicolo Paganini: […]

  • Arpent

    an old French unit of area equal to about one acre (0.4 hectare). It is still used in the province of Quebec and in parts of Louisiana. Historical Examples In the regions of small farms, and of the mtayer system, he gets fifteen sous the arpent, eight sous and even six sous. The Origins of […]

  • Arpo

    arpo Acid Rain Policy Office

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